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Consultations include detailed written and verbal notes on your comedy spec or pilot script. Each consultation is an hour long and will take place in person or via skype. Consultations are $175 per half hour script. Please contact me to schedule.


Zackery's feedback on my pilot was extremely helpful. Probably the best notes I've ever gotten on plot structure and character development. Afterward, I had a clear vision of what I needed to do with edits as opposed to feeling flustered and overwhelmed. Cannot recommend them highly enough. -Allison Kilkenny

Zackery's pilot notes were incredibly helpful. They helped on both the small details, the big picture and were thorough and thoughtful in their notes. I was working against a tight deadline for a submission, and they turned it around super quickly and helped take my pilot to the next level before submitting. Work with Zackery! -Molly Brenner

Zackery gives incredible notes on both scripts and treatments. They have a clear mastery of story, so you'll get brilliant advice on how to strengthen your plots, characters, and arcs. They have deep comedic roots, so Zackery can help both your dialogue and your characters jump off the page. But perhaps most importantly, Zackery has the unique ability to read scripts for both equality and commerciality. Zackery can help mold your script so that it both justly reflects our world and so that it can compete within it.- Michela M. Smith

Getting notes from Zackery is like having an operation with an extremely efficient and razor-sharp surgeon. They cut right down to the core structural problems of my pilot script. It gave me a whole new perspective. The notes helped me to make the plot less confusing, and I went from seeing it as an amorphous series of events to a clear progression of the storyline. Zackery was able to pinpoint areas that fumbled or didn't advance the plot, and areas that needed expanding. They will not pull punches but will also mark scenes they found amusing, which is incredibly helpful. The biggest advantages of getting notes from them were making the plot clearer, how to pace the scene order, and cutting unnecessary parts out. The notes are thorough and smart. I was able to take concrete actions to make changes. -Vicky Wang

Zackery recently gave my writing partner and I notes on our first pilot. We've received notes from others on the same pilot and Zackery's were by far the most specific. It was clear that they were reading critically and pointing out areas that we needed to focus on. We particularly benefited from their understanding of structure and pacing. Most writers can give notes on shallow characters or confusing dialogue but Zackery's knowledge of how a story should ebb and flow is helping us in our rewrites for this project and will serve as a guideline for any future projects. Zackery gives great critical feedback in a community that often gives general niceties. I will definitely reach out to them for any future projects! -Shelby Anderson

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